Workshop: Connecting at the source

TRANSCANADIAN WRITING WORKSHOP with Miranda Krogstad / Tuesday june 9 at 7 PM

Create a beautiful poetic postcard for a loved one!

In a time where people are feeling isolated and lonely, this writing workshop aims to bring people closer to each other and to nature with art. Using the artwork of Quebec photographer Helga Schleeh as inspiration, each participant will create a text of 200 words maximum. This text will then be transformed by RAPPEL: Parole-Creation in a poetic digital postcard, integrating the photography the participant selected ans the words they wrote. The completed postcard will be returned to the participant for them to send to someone who is feeling alone. In this unique online workshop, we will “plug in” in the best possible way: playing with other poets, collaborating with an artist, getting inspired by nature, and sending words of hope to someone who needs it.

Link will be sent one hour ahead to all who enroll online or at

This virtual event is part of the Festival « Where trees watch over the water ». Click here to view the program.

Connecting at the source

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